Friday, 10 December 2010

More nude on the beach

Another selection of photos - all of me on or near the beach, and all completely naked. And no, I don't mind you looking - I love it.

This last photo is one of my favourites, showing me lying on the bare sand, naked and unashamedly aroused in that tight steel ring.  I hope you like it too ...

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Strip naked video

Watch me undress on the beach - to my jockstrap and then completely naked.  Then see me lying in the sun, getting more and more aroused ....
But you guessed it - this is just the first part of a much longer video, much of which is unsuitable for this public blog.  Friends who want to see the whole thing will need to read my private blog

In and out of my camo shorts

A set of photos showing me in and then out of my tiny camo shorts.
Warning - if you don't want to see me aroused, please don't look at the last few photos - 

Yes, they are really tiny - not for a man who likes to preserve his modesty.

They have a fitted pouch at the front, so everything stays in - and pushed forward!

At the back there is a close-fitting centre seam which really is skin-tight! 

If I get aroused the bulge becomes very prominent - hiding nothing.

I was lying on the warm flags of my summer patio ...

and felt a bit over-dressed, so I pushed the shorts down, but that was only a partial solution ....

So I removed them altogether so I could lie naked in the warm sunshine.

Finally I threw the shorts out of sight and discarding all modesty posed totally naked and almost fully aroused for the photographer.

Hope you liked that set - there are a couple more, but they are right at the end of the blog as a finale!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Over the drum

On the beach there is an old cable drum, washed up by a storm. Some guys rolled it back into the dunes, and now it is a nice thing to go (or be put) over....

The day we did this shoot it wasn't too warm - but we soon got warm enough to undress!

I hope you enjoyed those photos!

Tenerife holiday

I often go to the lovely nude beach near El Medano, right at the foot of Montana Roja. It's called El Tejita.  On the main beach most people wear a costume of some kind, but at the eastern end nudity is commonplace. Follow the path over the rocks to find a small cove, and you find everyone naked. Even further round you come to a rocky area where single males congregate...
This little clip shows me on the path to the beach!

I met this nice Spanish man on the path and he was keen to take some photos. He took me to a quiet bushy area at the back of the beach where there were quite a few sunbathing men - all naked. I was more than happy to pose for him, so long as he took some with my camera too.
We started with me wearing my Alphamoda aqua thong, which doesn't cover much!

but as I had expected he then wanted me naked ... 

Finally he suggested we go out onto the open beach, where everyone could watch us ...

With all those people watching, it was hard to keep my composure and it wasn't long before I got a teeny bit aroused ....

Hope you enjoyed those ....

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

In and out of blue shorts!

I'd walked to the beach wearing these shorts. I found my friends at the top of the open beach, and they asked to take some pics as I undressed. No problem.

The back view is nice too ...

Enough of that - time to get naked.

Savouring that delicious moment of complete nudity - feeling the warm breeze on every part of my body and knowing that people were watching - checking me out and seeing my penis begin to swell ....

Now to get in some sun-time!

mmmmm - feels good......

Wow - starting to get a bit aroused there - but of course the photographer didn't stop there - he wanted to see much more!
Would you like to see me getting properly erect in the sunshine?
You'll need to join my private blog for that!