Monday, 1 November 2010

And finally ...

These black Tendenze shorts are very sheer and in some light angles, almost transparent.
As always, click an image to see full size.

First, at the gate to the dunes - this is how I dress for the walk from the car park. When I get to the gate, I remove everything but the shorts - now you can see just how sheer they are!

By the time I get to my favourite place, I've seen some friends and I've got quite aroused.

It's time to show more - pushing the shorts aside to expose myself.  I always love this moment - feeling cool air on my bare parts, knowing that people are watching... 

But of course this last entry of the blog is all about getting naked and showing everything.  Please be warned - the remaining photos show me completely naked and for the first and only time in this blog, fully aroused.  Please either leave if you don't want to see that, or enjoy if you do!

That first delicious feeling of complete nudity never fails to excite - even if I'm on my own.  If there's a photographer or other guys watching, I get aroused very quickly.

ending up like this.....

And now, what many of you will have been waiting for - me, stretched out naked and in the last photo - fully erect and standing proud.  If you are likely to be offended by the sight of my fully erect penis, please don't go there - and please don't complain if you and then don't like what you see - I did warn you.

Everyone else - scroll down to see this last set, and click on each image to see me full screen - totally naked and fully erect.

Here I am, stretched out naked and nicely aroused on my garden patio.  My penis was full and firm, just lifting clear of my belly...

Those of you who wanted to see - and did - I hope you like it! 
And now, so no-one can complain that I have been too modest, the full monty - naked, ringed and fully erect in my tight steel ring.

and last of all, the photo my friends have been waiting for - me lying naked and fully erect with my penis standing proud.  Scroll down to see it, but please leave if you are likely to be offended!

And here I am - this is my naked body in full arousal with the head of my penis exposed for your inspection - I hope you like what you see.

Those of you who are still with me might like to see me naked and fully erect on the open beach, in which case you might enjoy my private blog where I have no inhibitions whatever.  
This has a limit of 100 members, so most of the time there is a waiting list.  
Email me if you are interested.


  1. ... very sexy sheer shorts - I think it feels like wearing nothing? This it what you wear when you go to the beach - at the way to the beach? and every one can see you? where is the beach??? :-)

  2. If I wear these shorts in the public area I usually have a g-string underneath. Less sheer shorts I wear no underwear.

  3. Wonderful blog and you`re a very sexy man. Love it smooth shaved ;-)

    Thank you for sharing your hot photos with us.

  4. That´s why I love it, nothing under the sheer stuff... I´m sure backsite looks well to under the sheer short - perhaps will show something more of that next time?

  5. Für Dich möchte ich mich einmal bücken.