Wednesday, 10 November 2010

To the beach!

Visitors to this final blog are warned that by the end I shall not only be completely naked but also somewhat aroused.  if you don't want to see that, please leave!

My favourite beach is Ross Sands in Northumberland - three miles of hard clean sand and a remote location that discourages casual visitors. it's not an official nude beach, but there is a long tradition of naturism.

The beach is approached by a one-mile path - partly on tarmac farm road but then a rough path across farmland to a gate leading to the dunes. For me this is the dividing line between one world and the other. Across the farm I wear shorts, sandals and a top of some kind - depending on the weather.

 From the gate onwards - rather less.  If there are clothed people on the path I take off the top and walk on in the shorts.

If the path is quiet I take everything off and complete the walk completely nude.

I walk up the beach towards the northern end and find a nice place to sunbathe. I like to be on the open beach where people will see me.

I love to be naked in the sun....
When friends come along, we usually retire to the dunes. 

One day I was sunbathing nude with a group of male summer visitors I'd not met before, and we started talking about photography. They all agreed that they liked seeing photos of naked men on the beach, but someone said he wouldn't like to be photographed naked - I said it didn't bother me at all and people were welcome to photograph me any way they liked. One of the men produced his camera and asked me to pose for him - and of course I agreed. He put me on the bare sand and stroked me a little to get the half-aroused look he wanted. He took some pics on his camera and one or two on mine as well. Several of the others took pics too, so no doubt several versions of this pose will be posted in other places!  Right at the top of the blog I did say that the poses would progress in arousal - well I hope you like these!

The photos they took on my camera capture exactly how I felt, lying there totally naked and well aroused on the bare sand, being photographed by several strangers. I had no idea where the photos might be posted, and didn't care.

As you will have guessed by now, I am an exhibitionist and adore being naked and watched by others. If you bring your camera to the beach and find me there, I will happily pose for you - any way you want, in any state of arousal between soft and fully erect.  

Those of you who have got this far are obviously happy to see me naked and more than slightly aroused - but you may be wondering whether I shall post a photo of me fully erect in this public blog.  I’d hate to disappoint you so yes I shall - in the final set!


  1. yes I like it :-)))))


  2. ... the black short - woof - the kind of nothing at your skin, the shiny stuff and the view to your .... hope you backside is looking well to in thid shorts :-)

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  5. after seeing you posing in this position I understand well why they lost their interest in "only" making pictures ....
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  7. Ich kann mir schon vorstellen das sie an der Fotografie die Lust verloren haben- bei so einem Anblick.Vor allem die drei Bilder wo Du so breitbeinig da liegst. Da könnte ich mich auch nicht mehr beherrschen und würde Dich einfach vernaschen.Und das tabulos und ohne Hemmungen.
    Ich grüße Dich ganz lieb und küsse Dich heiß

  8. Die drei Fotos vor dem Treibholz sind einfach super. Wenn ich die sehe bekomme ich sofort einen Steifen. Und ich kann alles genau bewundern- Mein Monitor hat 32 Zoll. Da kann ich jede Kleinigkeit genau sehen.
    Am liebsten würde ich Dich mal nach Berlin einladen. Du könntest die Stadt erkunden und ich Deinen herrlichen Körper.
    Einen ganz dicken Kuß von mir

  9. Harald - I've added two more pics with the driftwood. Hope you like.

  10. un corps qui me fait rever ! des photos qui me font bander

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  12. lovely photos please invite me too