Wednesday, 24 November 2010

In and out of blue shorts!

I'd walked to the beach wearing these shorts. I found my friends at the top of the open beach, and they asked to take some pics as I undressed. No problem.

The back view is nice too ...

Enough of that - time to get naked.

Savouring that delicious moment of complete nudity - feeling the warm breeze on every part of my body and knowing that people were watching - checking me out and seeing my penis begin to swell ....

Now to get in some sun-time!

mmmmm - feels good......

Wow - starting to get a bit aroused there - but of course the photographer didn't stop there - he wanted to see much more!
Would you like to see me getting properly erect in the sunshine?
You'll need to join my private blog for that!


  1. oh yes I´ll like to see more... Very hot blue shorts ==> I like your backste Pictures with the blue short, especially the one you leing...