Monday, 10 January 2011

After a day in the sun...

A couple of years ago I was on holiday in Madeira. The weather was warm and I'd been in the sun all day. I was sitting on my terrace wearing a white bathrobe and my companion took this photo. It was posted on Flickr, and lots of people wrote saying how much they liked it. Most of them also wanted to know what, if anything, I had been wearing under the robe.  Last November I stayed in the same room in the same hotel, and had an opportunity to complete the set. Oh - and the answer, as you might expect, was 'nothing whatever'.

The original photo
Now the new photos, and be warned, I end up completely naked and somewhat aroused...

I did warn you - but then, if you've got this far you may enjoy seeing me get a bit aroused ....


  1. thank you for posting this picture series here, but is it really you or your brother??? :-)

  2. ... your hairs are a littel bit longer at the new pictures - but your body is even like steel (daily steching ;-)?).... Hope you will have much fun at your next holidays and also make much new pictures to post at your blogs (for german users - because of the flickr - adults - problem).... And I´m sure I will see you naked under your bathrobe - ofcourse naked :-)

  3. Of course you're right - the first photo was taken a year earlier, and a lot of friends had asked for the rest of the set. So the following year, wearing a similar robe, I had some more taken. Hair was a little longer - and a little greyer too!