Monday, 28 February 2011

Playing a female part

I was sixteen. I'd played female parts in plays before, mostly Shakespearean comedies, and always wearing long heavy dresses that were anything but sexy. That changed when I was invited to take the part of Joanna (a young seductress) in the  Noel Coward play 'Present Laughter'.  That was my first experience of wearing really sexy clothes and I had to learn everything about being a young woman - how to dress, to walk, to dance and of course - how to kiss a man. There were several costume changes, but the one I liked best was a black party dress - very low cut neckline with spaghetti straps, the slim waistline and fringed skirt typical of the 'flapper' style. I remember one of the masters' wives took me in hand and taught me how to behave as a flirtatious young woman. I remember her telling me that the fringed skirt was an opportunity to show my legs - right to the top - and that men would watch to get a glimpse of stocking tops or even better - panties. She had some dicussion with the producer as to what undies I should wear. She gave me a black bra that had belonged to her daughter as a teenager, which with a bit of padding gave me the boyish figure the girls went for in the 1920s. The producer wanted black French knickers with black stockings, but while she agreed with the stockings she thought I needed something much sexier and produced a tiny black silk thong with frills down the cleft-line. I thought it incredibly sexy and was really embarrassed when she had me try it on in front of her. It looked - well - delicious!
She told me that I should learn to twirl so that onlookers not only got a flash of bare thighs but a flash of suspenders and bare bottom as well. She told me that the thong had an added advantage - the very tightly fitting front would stop my erection from showing - essential if I was to pass as a young woman!
She taught me how to twirl so as to give a flash of legs right up to the crotch. I found walking in high heels very difficult at first, but with her expert tuition I soon got the hang of it and was amazed at what heels did to my legs. Dancing the Charleston was much more difficult, and there were endless training sessions. What I'm coming to was the first night - when I dressed and they put my gamin-cut blonde wig on and made up my face - I looked in the mirror - wow! At that age I made a very convincing girl!
I shall never forget walking onto the stage for the first time in that dress, looking and feeling like a million dollars. I really felt like a deliciously sexy young woman, and my first thigh-and-bottom-revealing twirl drew a round of applause. Fortunately my female mentor knew exactly what would happen and had made sure that my cock was well packed away in the thong - otherwise that skin-tight dress would have given the game away.
In that outfit I felt utterly fantastic and really felt like a young girl in a dress that had a but a single purpose - to seduce a young man. When we got to the end of the dance he had to kiss me and I shall never forget that kiss - held tight in his arms and given a long open-mouth kiss that rather shocked me. He told me afterwards that he thought I looked so sexy in that short dress he just couldn't resist it. I didn't tell him that being taken in his arms and kissed like that had done something rather special to me too!  On the second night he was the one to get a surprise - when he kissed me I gave him my tongue and kissed him back.
Had the opportunity existed I would have worn the dress in public and definitely would have been hooked on dressing, but this was a boys school in the 1960s and the dress went back to the theatrical costumier. The thong - that went back to my mentor. She asked if I'd enjoyed wearing it and I had to admit that I had. In character I wanted to be a real vamp so the sexier I looked and acted, the better the character was portrayed. Wearing a girl's thong with little black ruffles coming out of my cleft - something I'd never seen before- just wearing it made me feel so sexy. Off stage I got a lot of comments as you can imagine, and we had to go to the parents' coffee gathering afterwards still in costume. To my surprise my mother thought I looked wonderful and said I looked just like she had at that age! My father looked at me rather differently and said very little but I guessed what he was thinking. I tried to stay in character meeting other parents and one mother said that she was a bit surprised that the producer had used a real girl, not a boy in costume - but that I was very pretty and of course danced the Charleston far better than a boy could have done!
I thought that a real compliment and really made me realise that I could pass as a girl in real life. After one of the public performances I had my bottom groped by a rather nice looking man, but the pleasure was limited because he thought he'd done it to a sexy girl rather than the real me - if he'd been a bit more adventurous he'd have felt the difference! 

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