Sunday, 13 March 2011

In and out of grey silk

I'm not really a cross-dresser, and I certainly have no desire to pass as female. But - and it's a very big but, I love to wear slinky silk clothes - specially this silver-grey satin silk night-dress. Sometimes I sleep in it, but more often I put it on when I'm entertaining a friend....
Not so much clothing as window-dressing... 

Just a hint of turquoise ....

Just for this shoot I'm wearing panties...

Which are skin-tight and show my bulge nicely..

Finally, stripped to just the panties...

Which feel lovely, but I'm still overdressed ....

and finally, showing off my full body shave and my steel ring, I'm naked. - 

One of my friends asked if they could see me in the nightie but without the turquoise panties.  Here I am with enough peeking to show that they are off:

and finally the shot they wanted - full length and showing everything!

There are more, but a bit too saucy for this public blog.  Friends can see the rest in my private blog!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Beach candids

I was at the beach with friends, but it was late afternoon and my friends had gone - leaving me lying there.  I was tired. I dropped off.

A while later I started to drift back towards consciousness. 
But then, suddenly, I became aware that I wasn't alone.  I felt myself getting a bit aroused -

and then a bit more - 

I lifted my head and saw this man sitting on the sand - not more than ten feet away, dressed just as I was, and holding a camera. 

Rather surprised (to say the least), I sat up.  Saw that he looked rather nice with a slim figure and fair hair.  I suppose about 40.
He said 'Hello, I hope you don't mind me sitting here. You looked so nice asleep in the sun I just couldn't resist joining you'. 
'That's alright - but were you taking pictures of me?'
'Yes - one or two - I hope you don't mind. I didn't want to wake you'
I smiled and said 'No I don't mind, so long as you send me the photos'
'I'll do that - give me you email address and I'll send them all - promise. By the way I'm Steve.'

So I posed for him on the bare sand - a wide-open, show everything pose ...

"That's nice - that's very nice - promising to be even nicer ....."

The rest of the photos are posted in my private blog.