Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Beach candids

I was at the beach with friends, but it was late afternoon and my friends had gone - leaving me lying there.  I was tired. I dropped off.

A while later I started to drift back towards consciousness. 
But then, suddenly, I became aware that I wasn't alone.  I felt myself getting a bit aroused -

and then a bit more - 

I lifted my head and saw this man sitting on the sand - not more than ten feet away, dressed just as I was, and holding a camera. 

Rather surprised (to say the least), I sat up.  Saw that he looked rather nice with a slim figure and fair hair.  I suppose about 40.
He said 'Hello, I hope you don't mind me sitting here. You looked so nice asleep in the sun I just couldn't resist joining you'. 
'That's alright - but were you taking pictures of me?'
'Yes - one or two - I hope you don't mind. I didn't want to wake you'
I smiled and said 'No I don't mind, so long as you send me the photos'
'I'll do that - give me you email address and I'll send them all - promise. By the way I'm Steve.'

So I posed for him on the bare sand - a wide-open, show everything pose ...

"That's nice - that's very nice - promising to be even nicer ....."

The rest of the photos are posted in my private blog.


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