Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Naked on the open beach

I love being photographed out on the open beach. Nudity in the privacy of the dunes is one thing, but displaying one's body down at the water's edge where there is nowhere to hide, nothing to cover up with - clearly visible by clothed people a hundred yards further down the beach - that's something different. Beginners are, and look, uncomfortable when they expose everything to the camera, but an experienced nudist cares not who might see him and even less whether he is aroused.   Look at my pics and decide which I am! (Click on images to see full size)

This decaying post, sticking up out of the sand like an erect penis, makes a good prop for a holiday snapshot!

Visitors to this blog often ask - On the open beach where everyone can see me, do I get properly erect - and if I do, do I cover up? 
Of course I do - and no I don't - people see me the way I am! 
If you'd like to see me naked and fully aroused on the open beach, my private blog reveals all!

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