Wednesday, 28 December 2011

In and out of a red Eros thong

I was on holiday in Tenerife - with a friend. We had a nice apartment with a big sunny terrace - perfect for tanning in winter sunshine.  I was wearing my red Eros thong which fits like a glove. He had his camera out, and said 'Chris - will you pose for me?'

I never say no to invitations like that, and my bulge firmed up nicely.
As expected, after a few shots came the request -
'Well? Are you going to take it off?'
'Of course'
But I wanted to tease him a little first!
I unclipped one side and showed more skin - then let the clip drop, hoping that the pouch would hold - at least long enough for a photo. It did - just.

Then I exposed myself as slowly as possible, but of course after a few moments the unfastened swim slip just fell away and I was left somewhat exposed...

He suggested that I might prefer to lie on the sunbed -

I settled down on the bed and showed him a nice expanse of bare thigh, right up to my waist, but with my private bits partially covered.
"OK - so let's see a bit more"
I tucked the thong away so that my penis was fully exposed, and turned a little to give the camera a better view.  

"Chris, that's lovely, but the  thong is a bit of a distraction, isn't it - can we have you completely naked?  Let's turn you a bit more and really show your admirers what you've got"

Which I did, and here is the photo:

Finally, I decided to stand up and show myself a bit - no point in being naked if no-one can see me!

"That's nice, Chris - the winter sun has given you a lovely tan - and no lines in sight!  And did I tell you how good you look naked - especially when you're like that!"
I hope you don't mind ...