Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Summer holiday snapshots 1

I was staying at a nice resort hotel where guests are expected to dress conservatively. Of course that made me want to wear as little as possible! This sequence ends with me completely naked - if you don't want to see that, don't go there!
First, sunning in my Tendenze shorts - very short and lovely to wear -

Then down to a minimal g-string from Tendenze - I love aqua!

Then in my Alphamoda swim thong ...

and even less, a nude sunbathing pouch from BodyAware, which is so sheer that it doesn't really cover anything at all -

And finally my strapless Tendenze pouch, which stays on surprisingly well so long as I don't go swimming in it! But of course I do, and it comes off.  Ah well .....

But its so tiny, I might as well not bother. So off it came ....

and I was naked.

I love to sunbathe naked - specially in situtations like this - on a hotel balcony where I was in plain view of other holidaymakers.  I don't draw attention to myself - I just strip off and if they want to watch that's fine with me.  Legs spread wide, in case anyone's looking ...
Now I know what you're asking - when I sunbathe naked with people watching me - do I get aroused?
Of course I do !
Do I cover up right away?
No, of course not - it’s a natural part of being naked and on show!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Posed nude - July 2012

I was on holiday in Madeira. Met a nice group by the pool - two couples sharing an apartment. They had noticed me sunbathing wearing a tiny g-string and got chatting. They invited me for drinks one evening, and inevitably the conversation got onto the Tendenze g-string I'd been sunbathing in - outrageously tiny and even I was too timid to walk around in it!  One of the ladies said she'd liked seeing me wearing very little, and asked if she could photograph me. I said yes of course, and she grinned and said "What about now?"
I said "OK - how would you like me?"
"With your clothes off"
So I removed my shirt, shorts and sandals, and posed in my blue underwear - unlined and hides very little.

As usual, click on the images to view full size.

She liked that, but said "Come on Chris, we know you're not shy - those are nice briefs but  I want to photograph you without them - you look as if you are feeling nice in there"
"You mean naked?"
"Yes Chris - completely naked"
I asked the others if that was what they all wanted - and yes it was.
OK - so I undressed for them, and these are the photos they took.

"That's nice, Chris - I'm glad to see you shave"
"I always have done - since I was a boy"
"You mean when you were really young?"
"Yes - when my hair started to grow - around 13 years old"
"Didn't other boys notice?"
"Oh yes, they noticed all right"
"What did they say?"
"Mostly unkind things - and I got beaten up a few times"
"But you stayed shaved?"
"Yes - I thought it looked nice - and felt lovely"
"Well it certainly looks nice - could you show us ? ......"

"You mean like this?"
"Oh yes - that's lovely ...."

"Chris I do believe you're getting aroused!"
"I'm afraid I am"
"Don't apologise - it looks lovely - I love a man who will stand and display like that"
 "I'm glad you approve"

"I certainly do - why don't you lie down for us?"

So I did - and I loved posing for her. 
I'm afraid the photographs are too hot for my public blog.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Stripping in the garden

I am fortunate in having a very private garden - not overlooked by anyone, so I can wear as little as I want without offending anyone.  A friend called by and found me wearing nothing but blue beach shorts.  He suggested that it might be fun for me to undress for his camera,  These are some of the pics. 

I love these unlined shorts from Tendenze. Made of incredibly light and very stretchy fabric, they cling to my body in the most delicious way. Everything stays in, but modest they are not! 

Time to remove my shorts! 

 As you can see, I was wearing a tiny g-string, also made by Tendenze.

This is designed to be worn in the 'up' position, and hides almost nothing!  
But who wants to hide anything?

Peeling it off slowly ....

Hanging on by a thread!

Fully exposed!

All the way - naked! 
I just adore being nude in the open air!
It didn't quite stop there, but the rest are far too naughty for my public blog - only members of my private blog can see the rest!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

At La Tejita

La Tejita is a lovely wide beach right next to Montana Roja - the red mountain - in the southern part of Tenerife. Clothing is optional - not by law but simply because the people who go there make it so.  Everyone just enjoys the beach and the sunshine without getting uptight about what everyone else is wearing. That varies from board shorts to total nudity.
I love to go there - partly for that wonderfully free atmosphere, but also because I meet so many lovely people.  
The car park is 300m from the beach, and I do the walk in shorts. 

I parked the car and walked across stony ground to the beach - this is a very public area and shorts are needed. I wore my denim cutoffs, which are very short and very tight. Quite hard to pack everything in, and when I walk my balls keep slipping out.  Still, they look nice.  The shorts, that is - as for the balls you must judge for yourselves! After 100 yards or so we stopped to take some pics.  After this one in my shorts I stripped and posed naked on the sand.

We went to one of the small areas among the bushes where people have built low stone walls to give a little protection from the breeze.  These little rings are often occupied by naked sunbathers. 
He wanted to photograph me in my tiny Alphamoda thong, so I put it on for him.
It really is about as minimal as you can get - hardly covers anything.

Of course once he'd taken these I wanted to get naked like everyone else...

I got down on the sand and posed for the kind of photography I like best - completely naked. 

There are more photos in this set, but I was getting aroused so they're not suitable for an open blog - they are in the complete version, which is posted in my private blog.