Saturday, 18 February 2012

Stripping in the garden

I am fortunate in having a very private garden - not overlooked by anyone, so I can wear as little as I want without offending anyone.  A friend called by and found me wearing nothing but blue beach shorts.  He suggested that it might be fun for me to undress for his camera,  These are some of the pics. 

I love these unlined shorts from Tendenze. Made of incredibly light and very stretchy fabric, they cling to my body in the most delicious way. Everything stays in, but modest they are not! 

Time to remove my shorts! 

 As you can see, I was wearing a tiny g-string, also made by Tendenze.

This is designed to be worn in the 'up' position, and hides almost nothing!  
But who wants to hide anything?

Peeling it off slowly ....

Hanging on by a thread!

Fully exposed!

All the way - naked! 
I just adore being nude in the open air!
It didn't quite stop there, but the rest are far too naughty for my public blog - only members of my private blog can see the rest!

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