Saturday, 28 July 2012

Posed nude - July 2012

I was on holiday in Madeira. Met a nice group by the pool - two couples sharing an apartment. They had noticed me sunbathing wearing a tiny g-string and got chatting. They invited me for drinks one evening, and inevitably the conversation got onto the Tendenze g-string I'd been sunbathing in - outrageously tiny and even I was too timid to walk around in it!  One of the ladies said she'd liked seeing me wearing very little, and asked if she could photograph me. I said yes of course, and she grinned and said "What about now?"
I said "OK - how would you like me?"
"With your clothes off"
So I removed my shirt, shorts and sandals, and posed in my blue underwear - unlined and hides very little.

As usual, click on the images to view full size.

She liked that, but said "Come on Chris, we know you're not shy - those are nice briefs but  I want to photograph you without them - you look as if you are feeling nice in there"
"You mean naked?"
"Yes Chris - completely naked"
I asked the others if that was what they all wanted - and yes it was.
OK - so I undressed for them, and these are the photos they took.

"That's nice, Chris - I'm glad to see you shave"
"I always have done - since I was a boy"
"You mean when you were really young?"
"Yes - when my hair started to grow - around 13 years old"
"Didn't other boys notice?"
"Oh yes, they noticed all right"
"What did they say?"
"Mostly unkind things - and I got beaten up a few times"
"But you stayed shaved?"
"Yes - I thought it looked nice - and felt lovely"
"Well it certainly looks nice - could you show us ? ......"

"You mean like this?"
"Oh yes - that's lovely ...."

"Chris I do believe you're getting aroused!"
"I'm afraid I am"
"Don't apologise - it looks lovely - I love a man who will stand and display like that"
 "I'm glad you approve"

"I certainly do - why don't you lie down for us?"

So I did - and I loved posing for her. 
I'm afraid the photographs are too hot for my public blog.

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