Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Summer holiday snapshots 1

I was staying at a nice resort hotel where guests are expected to dress conservatively. Of course that made me want to wear as little as possible! This sequence ends with me completely naked - if you don't want to see that, don't go there!
First, sunning in my Tendenze shorts - very short and lovely to wear -

Then down to a minimal g-string from Tendenze - I love aqua!

Then in my Alphamoda swim thong ...

and even less, a nude sunbathing pouch from BodyAware, which is so sheer that it doesn't really cover anything at all -

And finally my strapless Tendenze pouch, which stays on surprisingly well so long as I don't go swimming in it! But of course I do, and it comes off.  Ah well .....

But its so tiny, I might as well not bother. So off it came ....

and I was naked.

I love to sunbathe naked - specially in situtations like this - on a hotel balcony where I was in plain view of other holidaymakers.  I don't draw attention to myself - I just strip off and if they want to watch that's fine with me.  Legs spread wide, in case anyone's looking ...
Now I know what you're asking - when I sunbathe naked with people watching me - do I get aroused?
Of course I do !
Do I cover up right away?
No, of course not - it’s a natural part of being naked and on show!