Saturday, 20 July 2013

Holiday flash!

I was on holiday in Madeira with friends, and one of the ladies dared me to take a swim from the public jetty wearing nothing but one of my micro g-strings. After a bit of persuasion I agreed - and one of her friends came with me for moral support!

 First of all, one or two of me wearing the g-string - not much of it, and when I get aroused, even less!

So now for the swim!

When we got out of the water the ladies urged me to go and pose on the jetty - just to make sure no-one missed it.

As I stood there I had an irresistible urge to get naked - to be totally naked in front of all those people.
So I did.  The g-string fell to the ground and I was nude in front of them all, but not for very long - just long enough for the photo!  Felt delicious!

The boy was the first to notice, and then his mother. She looked and gave me a lovely smile!


  1. can i have access to your private blog -

  2. Chris I love your photos.Love the purple colour thong as it is my favourite colour.XXXXX