Saturday, 20 July 2013

Holiday flash!

I was on holiday in Madeira with friends, and one of the ladies dared me to take a swim from the public jetty wearing nothing but one of my micro g-strings. After a bit of persuasion I agreed - and one of her friends came with me for moral support!

 First of all, one or two of me wearing the g-string - not much of it, and when I get aroused, even less!

So now for the swim!

When we got out of the water the ladies urged me to go and pose on the jetty - just to make sure no-one missed it.

As I stood there I had an irresistible urge to get naked - to be totally naked in front of all those people.
So I did.  The g-string fell to the ground and I was nude in front of them all, but not for very long - just long enough for the photo!  Felt delicious!

The boy was the first to notice, and then his mother. She looked and gave me a lovely smile!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Showing for friends

I met a couple of very nice men while swimming in the sea in Madeira.  Both English, aged somewhere round fifty but still very fit and nicely tanned. They told me they had come on holiday together, sharing a two-bedroom apartment.  John and David. John was slim and very athletic - a tennis player. David was a bit chunkier - a golfer like me.  They had noticed that I wasn't wearing a costume, despite it being a hotel swimming zone. I explained how it was done - enter the water wearing a swim slip, then park it on one of the moored boats until it was time to go in.  They promptly did the same and we had a nice swim together.  As we went back to the changing room I invited them for a drink that evening - around ten so we would have as long as we wanted.  I greeted them wearing a shirt and red g-string, but the shirt was quite long and they would only get glimpses of the string. John was wearing tight-fitting white chinos and an open turquoise shirt - I thought he looked delicious.  David also wore white
 chinos, but with a lime green shirt - I thought he looked very nice too. John had a camera, and right away wanted a snapshot.

"That's nice Chris - your bulge is just peeking out. Lovely.  I'm sure you'd like to show me properly"

I smiled.
"Of course - I'd love to"

So I removed my shirt and posed in nothing but the red g-string - leaving almost nothing to the imagination.  I slipped the strings down my thighs, so the g-string stayed in place only because I was nicely aroused.

Of course the next move was to remove the g-string to pose completely naked - which of course I did.  As you can see, I was just a bit - well - you know, so when the string went to my ankles I became - well - unsuitable for this page.   Sorry about that, but the complete set is in my private blog with the last photo showing me naked and fully erect - just the way the photographer wanted ......