Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Getting to Ross back sands

Ross Back Sands - one of the 'secret beaches' of Northumberland has more than a mile of clean hard sand but is surprisingly hard to find.  It's popular with nudists, who gather at weekends. Singles, couples - all kinds.
Some walk the beach, and if you pick the right time of day it's possible to walk the entire length of the beach completely naked - without even carrying a g-string for emergencies, because you won't see anyone and even if you do you can decide whether to walk up into the dunes or meet them as you are. I do that.
Others settle down in the dunes where it's more sheltered - and more private for those who want to do more than just sunbathe. I do that too. 

If you want to visit the beach, just print a copy of the map onto A4 or if you can, A3 photo paper and take it with you.
As the notes explain, park the car where indicated and make sure you don't block the field gates - the farmer can get quite emotional with people who do that.  Follow the road towards the sea, and then the clearly marked footpath across two fields. Note that cattle may be grazing in the second field, so read the notices before proceeding - specially if you have a dog.  The cattle don’t like dogs.
This is a public footpath, so dress modestly for this part of the walk.

After a bit over half a mile you will reach a gate onto the dunes, and this is usually where I strip to my beach shorts, or if I'm feeling brave, a g-string

or even nothing at all!

It depends on how brave you are! 

After a further quarter of a mile across the dunes you will reach the beach, and this is where you are likely to see textile families.
Turn North (ie left) and walk up the beach towards Holy Island.  After half a mile or so the textiles thin out and you are likely to see nudists, both on the beach and in the dunes behind. One of them is quite likely to be me!

Please note that the beach is completely wild with no facilities whatever - so take what you need and take everything home with you.
During Spring and early Summer the northern part of the beach is closed to protect nesting birds - please observe the signs.

I love meeting new friends, so if you see me do please come and say 'hello' - and if you'd like to join me for some quality nude time in the dunes, I'd like that too.  
More about that in my Private Blog.