Sunday, 21 September 2014

Introducing my good friend Pietro

Here he is - and of course he's nude because that's how he likes to be out of doors.
I think he's very nice, and I hope all my friends do too.  
It's lovely to see how nicely endowed he is - and I wish I was as slim!

I love this last one - a completely open pose that really displays his naked body. Nicely shaved and very, very inviting!

He is becoming a very good friend, and we have many shared interests.  Most of all, a love of the out-doors and being totally exposed to nature.  He also shares my enjoyment of being photographed, is not in the least shy and is quite happy for his photos to be shared among friends.

Of course there are many more photos of him, but most of them show him enjoying the sunshine even more - so they are in my private blog which only friends can visit. 

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