Monday, 24 October 2016

The cover photo

I hope you like my new cover photo, which shows me unashamedly naked on the open beach.
You might like to have a closer look - there are always some friends who like to examine me in the minutest detail. So here I am - same photo but a closer look. Click on the image for a full-screen view.

The shoot was in the very centre of Ross sands, which is a huge beach, and I was by no means alone. Apart from the photographer and his assistant there was an assortment of people at a discreet distance, interested to watch a naked man (me) being posed and 'adjusted' for the camera.  
I never have any problem with posing naked - I've been doing it since I was a photo model in my youth!

By the way - you will see that I have no pubic hair. This is not because of genital alopecia, but because I keep it shaved.  Always have done - ever since I was a boy.  Quite simply, I prefer it that way - feels nicer and I think looks nicer too.


  1. Nothing better than being naked on the beach, and it looks as though you are in a complete carefree bliss!

  2. Yes I was - totally naked and loving every moment.

  3. Having found your blog - I now recognise Lindisfarne in the background - nice set of photos - how anyone can be offended by these, would be purely judgmentalism:

  4. I posted a cropped (down to but not showing the top of the steel ring) version of this photo on Facebook, and was promptly suspended for 3 days for displaying too much skin!