Thursday, 1 October 2015

A visit to Steam Complex in Leeds

SteamComplex is a men's sauna club on the outskirts of Leeds, and I went there for the first time a few days ago. I had been to similar places before, so I knew what to expect - men like me, wearing nothing but towels or even less -  much less!
First impression - nice friendly staff and wow - it really is huge!  First thing I noticed was a notice barring anyone under 18, which I suppose is sensible but a bit hard on 17 year olds - I remember the great times I had when I was 17!

I went to the changing room and undressed - a nice big room with slatted seats and plenty of good big lockers.  I undressed, wrapped my towel round me and went back to book a massage.  That done, I headed for the shower.  The shower was communal, as I expect to find in places like this, and there were shower heads for I think four men to shower at any one time. There were a couple of other men there - just drying off as I showered.  I could tell they were watching, so you don't need to be shy!
I dried off and went along to the sauna, which is nice and roomy and was the right temperature.  There were three men in there - all naked and sitting on folded towels. I unwound my towel and did the same.  There  was plenty of room so I stretched out and lay flat on the top seat.
Two of the men left quite quickly, and the third came and sat nearer to me.  He was younger than me, and looked nice and fit.
He told me his name was Andy and said he was a regular.
We chatted, and he seemed friendly.
After a bit he asked if I was going upstairs.  I asked what was upstairs and he smiled. 
"Upstairs is where the cinema is, and a lot of rooms for all kinds of tastes"
I said yes, he'd see me there, and he left - I headed for the jacuzzi which was very nice and easily big enough for half a dozen guys.  There were two in already, sitting together. The water temperature was good, the water looked clean and I got in - nice jets and very pleasant.  The two guys were friendly and we had a nice chat.  
There was still time to wait for my massage, so I went upstairs and visited the main cinema room.  There were big deep leather settees, some of them occupied by men in towels. 
I spread my towel over a corner unit and stretched out with my towel covering the essentials.  The film was on a big screen with excellent projection, and it was - well - adult.  A nice-looking young lad went to the beach and met a couple of older men who were sunbathing naked.  He wasn't sure about undressing, but they quickly persuaded him to remove his rather nice and very brief swim-thong.  He looked even nicer naked, and spent a very happy hour in the sun with his new friends.  They seemed to enjoy him too, and I imagined being there with them - lovely!
I went down to the massage room, where a nice young guy, dressed in slacks and T-shirt, was waiting.  The massage room was right next to the coffee bar with a glass wall and pull-down blinds. Right away I dropped my towel and slid onto the table naked.  
"You like it bare?"
"Yes please"
So he gave me a very pleasurable hour - pretty much what I was expecting. At the end, every inch of my body was slick with oil.  Every inch below the ears, that is - he spared my scalp!  But the rest of me - quite literally, every inch.  Not to be recommended if you wish to retain any vestige of modesty, or if there is any part of your body you do not wish to be stroked, rubbed and kneaded, but for me it was great - and it was even better for having big windows into the changing room - anyone passing could stand and watch, and some did.  By the end he had me very, very aroused.
He stood next to me.
"You going upstairs now?"
"I'm sure you'll be popular - they like well-endowed men.  Best have a shower on the way, so you don't leave oil everywhere"
"Of course"
"Have a good time."
"Bye - and thanks" 
He was right - I sat and watched a film in the 'bi' room.  A nice man called John came and sat next to me, and we watched a very well endowed young man enjoying the company of three gorgeously naked girls.  I thought it was getting a bit predictable when a second young male joined them and it all became much more interesting as the boys shared the girls - and each other.  John and I chatted and it turned out that our tastes were very similar.  We left the cinema together, and explored some of the specialised facilities offered by SteamComplex.  
As I went down to get dressed I thought - only one thing missing, and that was a cold plunge pool next to the sauna. 
Won't be long before I go again, but they told me that mid evening is the best time to be sure of there being plenty of company - saunas aren't much fun on your own.
When I left the guy at the desk reminded me that they have a range of special evenings, one of which is towel-free - no towels allowed except in the cafe and shop areas, so to visit the cinemas and pleasure areas you must be completely naked.
That sounds rather fun!

A rather longer account of my first visit to Steam Complex, and of my second visit - which was on a towel-free evening - is posted in my private blog.

Note:  The SteamComplex club burned to the ground not long after these blogs were written, but it has now been rebuilt and has re-opened, bigger and better than before. More from me soon!

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