Thursday, 20 October 2016

Caribbean beach holiday

I had a lovely holiday at a very luxurious hotel situated right by the beach on a small Caribbean island - languages English and French - and with a dress code that suited me perfectly.  In the public areas of the hotel, such as the lobby, restaurants and lounges, guests were required to dress as one would in any smart European hotel - what we call smart casual.  But on the apartment terraces, around the two pools and on the beach, it was 'clothing optional'. In practice the only clothing I saw in a fortnight was the shirt on an American gentleman who had sat too long in the sun wearing nothing whatever.  I went nude in all those places, along with everybody else.  A few corpulent vacationers, but some nice bodies, too!
As you would expect in such an establishment, I was given a room boy, whose function was to care for me in every possible way and to obtain any services he could not provide himself.  As the porter took me to my apartment, he appeared as if from no-where and introduced himself as Hubert.  He was small, slim and very dark.  No, dark would not describe him - he was shining ebony and looked around sixteen or seventeen years old.  He was barefoot and dressed in a short, brightly coloured and rather sheer silk sarong - that and a big smile.  I knew at once that he would be perfect.
In the course of that first conversation he asked me if I would like him to take snapshots to give me nice memories of my holiday, and I told him yes - I'd love that.  I showed him my Nikon and asked if he needed any help with that - answer no, he was completely familiar with Nikon.  Slight readjustment of Hubert's talents!  There were others to come.
He showed me to the sun terrace and suggested that I should get myself out in the sun to get my tan started as soon as possible - he would come and apply tanning oil as required.  I went in the bedroom and found a silk kimono ready on the bed. I undressed and put on the kimono - out to the terrace where Hubert was waiting with the tanning oil.  I hesitated - thought I should tell Hubert that I intended to sunbathe naked.  He just smiled and said he had expected that.  I stood there without the kimono and he made some approving noises - applied sun-oil to every part of me.
Here are some of the photos he took of me on my sun terrace - as the days passed my tan deepened and I felt more comfortable with him seeing my body in all its moods.

This first photo shows how he suggested I dress after dinner, when guests returned to the poolside for drinks and entertainment.  The pink silk thong was perfect, he said - very smart but easily removed when I wanted a late evening swim, which he assumed I would do naked.  He was right, I would. After the swim, he said, I could put on something smaller or perhaps remain naked.  He had, of course, examined my luggage and knew that I had one or two g-strings that were very small indeed.

I liked to wear this one - bright aqua and figure-hugging fabric that showed me off nicely.  This one could be worn in the pool, but I never did.

This is my smallest g-string - a lovely lilac colour from Tendenze, and designed to be worn in the 'upright position' as it was here.  As you can see, there is an extra bit of pouch that allows the aroused penis to go beyond the waistband to show itself properly.  I love it!
Of course most of the time I went naked - the only way to get a seamless tan, and the only way to show off my assets as I like to!

Hubert was very good with the sun-oil - he kept me lathered, especially in the sensitive places, and I didn't get burned at all.  For the first few days he served drinks, applied sun oil etc wearing his sarong, but on around the third day he appeared without it - hoped that was acceptable, which it certainly was.  Although young he was, to put it mildly, well equipped and very easy on the eye!
He took me down to the health center where he introduced me to Sam, a huge man with glistening ebony skin and almost no clothing at all who massaged me with intense but highly pleasurable pressures - massage that really left me gasping but with a wonderful sense of well-being.  He started with my middle bits covered by a small towel, but quickly realised that I was perfectly happy without it and from then on had me totally and deliciously naked.   Hubert enjoyed watching my body being pummelled, kneaded, slapped, spanked and stroked by Sam's huge hands!

Hubert was always around, and seemed to pop up, appropriately dressed, whenever I needed him. When I climbed out of the pool with water streaming off me, he was there with the towel.  Even late evening, when I was entertaining friends in my room, he was there to serve drinks.  Even later, he helped me prepare for bed and left only when my light went out for sleep.
And yes, I loved being photographed, and when Hubert suggested that he photograph me with a bit more arousal, I was only happy to pose for him - and of course I gave him permission to show them to his friends.  Those additional photos are also for my friends in the private blog.
At the end of the holiday he was very happy with his huge gratuity, which was well-earned by all the things he did for me.


  1. mi fai felice con la tua bella descrizione delle tue vacanze ai caraibi dove il contatto diretto col mare coi profumi esotici ci rende più liberi più belli più naturali...!! le tue foto sono splendide e tu ti mantieni in splendida forma hai ancora un gran bel magnifico corpo ed un apprezzabile meraviglioso accattivante magnifico cazzo lo adoro quando è scappellato...quando la cappella è libera e si mostra in tutta la sua superba bellezza...mi piacerebbe tanto poterti baciare morbidamente tutto mio bell'uomo dai capelli brizzolati ed il peperone da giovanotto aitante...!! baci baci baci

  2. Loosely translated from the Italian, he says: "I am happy with your beautiful description of your vacation in the Caribbean where direct contact with the sea with exotic scents makes us more natural and most beautifully free !! Your photos are beautiful and you keep in great shape still have a great magnificent body and a magnificent penis. I love it when you expose the head ... when the head is free and it shows in all its magnificent beauty .. .I would love and softly kiss every part of my handsome man with graying hair !! kiss Kiss Kiss"
    Isn't that nice? In case you're wondering, his atavar is blocked because it shows a naked man in a state that would embarrass many readers!
    He's right about the beautiful scenery and exotic scents, and the freedom to wander naked on the beach was entrancing...